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Top of Mind from 3by400

Our blog posts are the result of issues and opportunities we see in our daily work. They are designed to increase understanding and provide a source of vision for your web presence.

When Is the Right Time to Redesign Your Site?

New 3by400 Web Site

It just so happens that we have been working on our own new site for the past several months---well, okay, for the past 6 months---cobbler's children and all. This situation put me on the track of considering the really critical factors about a site redesign as they have pertained to us... TECHNOLOGY Our redesign originated because of the need for a technology refresh, which is why I list it first. Our previous site was Joomla 2.5, and Joomla 3 has now been out for 1.5 years. Plus, we have been delivering Joomla 3 upgrades and new sites to our clients and...

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Redesigns with Results


One of our favorite things about redesigning a site is not only what happens on the outside, but on the inside as well. Refacing or restyling a site so that it appears different to the viewer can spike enthusiasm and renew site interest. Adding new tools for customers or that allow you to make your internal processes more efficient can spike your profit!  These facts are what make us continue to promote ourselves as middle of the road. Think that's not very complimentary? In our experience, there are two basic types of web design teams found in smaller firms--those focused on...

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The Dahlonega Chamber and CVB

The problem: The site began to lose its original charm, as more menus began to appear, and the real focus of the site became blurry. Additionally, the bounce rate, one of our indicators of attractiveness, was creeping up; the number of visitors declining.
The result: Two separate sites to meet the news of two separate markets--visitors and members. In addition to developing interfaces that meet the needs of the separate markets, we also took the opportunity to add calendaring tools and event registration.
The result: The dedicated site for The Chamber.

The Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau was one of the first Joomla sites we launched. By implementing Joomla and providing several training classes, the Chamber staff had the ability to update content, images, and menus on their site. After some time, however, the site began to lose its original charm, as more menus began to appear, and the real focus of the site became blurry. Additionally, the bounce rate, was creeping up, which is one of our indicators of attractiveness of the site. With collaborative planning and the application of standards, the result: two separate sites to...

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Bear on the Square Mountain Festival

Bear on the Square - Before

The Bear on the Square Executive Committee liked their old site. Only problem was that they had a difficult time getting the site updated and making it really look the way the festival feels to performers and attendees. Although the site was appealing, it was difficult for the Communications Committee to keep updated on a regular basis and maintain the styling so the site could remain professional. In addition to the update issues, the site just wasn't as hip as the event. As the new official web sponsor for Bear on the Square Mountain Festival, 3by400 spent significant time determining what...

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400 North Board of Realtors


The 400 North Board of Realtors have a large professional organization and major communication needs--but their site did not match the professionalism of the organization and they were unable to make timely updates. Not only was the site out-dated, but other organizations were passing them by in terms of tools available to help their members, and enabling member-to-member recognition and communication. As an educational association, the 400 North Board of Realtors needed a little schooling! After a thorough proposal and evaluation process, the 400 North Board of Realtors chose 3by400 as their partner of choice. They could easily see the benefit...

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