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MailChimp Module2

Freddie Light Background-200We discovered the insanely great e-mail subscription service, MailChimp. Located in Atlanta, they seem light-years ahead of the other e-mail marketing programs we've used. The only problem we noticed was that it is necessary to use MailChimp's "insert your HTML here" to allow sign-up from a Joomla site. To simplify the administrative process for adding a sign up form for your eBlasts, we created the MailChimp2 Module. This module allows you to display the sign-up form you create in your MailChimp.com account natively on your Joomla site.

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Important updates!

NEW API VERSION:  MailChimp have upated their API to version 3.  Please update your copy of the module!

VERIFY SSL: To protect you and your subscribers, the module checks your server's SSL certificate bundle.  If your server does not have a CA bundle (Windows, for example) then you can disable "Verify SSL" in the module settings under Advanced.

If you have access to your PHP configuration, you should add your certificates.  Please see this article for details.

MailChimp Module2 User Guide


-- Easy configuration with API Key
-- Choose MailChimp list id
-- Collect email, first name and last name
-- Show Extra Fields (pro version)
-- Show Interest Groups (pro version)
-- NEW Easy language overrides for subscription success and failure messages
-- NEW Add rich content above and below the signup form (pro version)
-- Ajax form submission - no page refresh
-- Community translations available in eight languages - English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

 joomla 3.0 icon
-- GPL v2
-- Install on unlimited domains
-- Free support for unlimited domains during your subscription (pro version)

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