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Bridgette Anderson - Web Designer & Development

Bridgette Anderson, 3by400 Co-OwnerCTO Bridgette Anderson has managed to accumulate a fierce set of systems administration, programming, website design/development, and training skills. Her background in Joomla started with supporting local ministry websites and a regional health department, but has transitioned to become 3by400's Chief Technology Officer.

After earning a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration from Shorter College in Rome, Bridgette Anderson continued to develop her skill set while working in Georgia's State & Local Government.

Bridgette lives in Dalton with her husband, son, and daughter. She enjoys utilizing those skills in working with the 3by400 team to produce quality websites that go beyond the client's expectations.

As our senior technologist, Bridgette helps design the solution that we offer each client, then works to ensure that every aspect of our projects is technically accurate and appropriate. Bridgette provides overall management, update, and tuning for the 3by400 hosting environment, and also leads our extension development efforts. She also participates in training our clients and ensuring that their support needs are handled on a timely basis.