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Custom Integration

At 3by400, we get pretty excited about finding ways your website can decrease the time you spend on repetetive tasks, and there are very few things more wasteful of your time than having to duplicate data entry or spend hours importing and exporting between systems. Our custom integration service focuses on maintaining a single repository for data that can be presented in exactly the way you need to serve your clients...or even updated by your clients directly.

Many organizations have adopted large, expensive environments for accounting, production, sales, and manufacturing processing. The problem arises when you want to display this data on your website in a way that your customers or potential customers can search and view reasonably. Although some of these big box systems allow "client portals", your brand and your SEO value is generally the price your organization pays for that access. And whatever effort you've made to create a seamless look and feel across your website is part of that sacrifice when your customer ventures into that portal.

Armed with an API from your large system provider, and nimble PHP and Javascript development, we are able to funnel information from those systems to be presented in a style and format that is a perfect fit for your site. To eliminate multiple points of entry, we can automate a process that securely and directly connects the database on your site and your system provider's data source. 

Through CSS (cascading style sheets) customization, we can then style it to be displayed in keeping with the look and feel of your site. We can also surround it with tools like filtered search, a shopping cart, site registration...the list goes on and on, and is only limited by your imagination.

Contact us to see if we can help you get some time back--to do other work or finally take that vacation!