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MailChimp Module2 Changelog

UPDATE 1/05/2017 (1.0.2):
  • Fixes an error in PHP versions prior to 5.5

UPDATE 1/03/2017 (1.0.1):

  • Better exception handling
  • Fixes a dependency problem

UPDATE 12/30/2016 (1.0):

  • Connects to MailChimp API 3.0
  • Better merge field handling
  • User-facing validation errors are displayed by default (invalid email, required field, etc.)

UPDATE 11/17/2016 (1.0RC3.3):

  • Better module parameter handling
  • Fixed an SSL error
  • Log and optionally display errors if the webserver cannot connect to MailChimp

UPDATE 9/8/2015 (1.0RC3.2):

  • Fixed issue where Joomla's ACL blocked access to parameters and prevented the Mailchimp API call when module assigned to page with no Itemid.

UPDATE 5/14/2015(1.0RC3.1):
  • When detailed error messages are turned off, all MailChimp API errors are hidden
  • Able to override the success and failure messages for connecting to MailChimp
  • Pro Feature: Can add rich content above and below the signup form
  • Error message for blank email address now translated

UPDATE 4/25/2014:

  • Fixed a bug where the module would freeze at the "Sending" message on some web servers
  • Czech translation by Vilém Kužel

UPDATE 9/24/2012:

  • New Catalan translation and updated Spanish translation
  • Better support for MailChimp fields of type "Radio" and "Dropdown"

UPDATE 8/24/2012
  • Added blank index.html files for best practices

UPDATE 8/21/2012
  • Better handling of extended characters
  • Fixed a problem with excessive server logging in some recent builds
  • Better Validation
  • Better CSS support
  • Form Submission with Enter key
  • Prevented a possible collision with other extensions
  • New Languages!  Spanish and Italian transaltions by Carlotta D.

UPDATE 5/25/2012
  • "Success" message now translates successfully.
  • Better handling of quote characters in language files.

UPDATE 5/15/2012
  • Dutch translation by Raoul Alderse Baas!
  • The additional fields provided by MailChimp, 'First Name' and 'Last Name,' are now translated.
    (as always, any translation errors are our own, and corrections are welcome!)

UPDATE 5/9/2012

  • Fixed an error in email validation
  • Email validation is now optional
  • Translations!
    • Martin Erdmann - German translation
    • Martin Joset - French translation

UPDATE 11/9/2011
: Major release here:

  • uses the new MailChimp 1.3 API
  • Fixed a problem retrieving the API key in some installs.
  • general cleanup
  • supports hidden fields
  • install and run both in Joomla 1.5 and 1.7

UPDATE: 9/15/2009
: major release here. It does several things better than before:
  • uses latest MailChimp API, version 1.2.3
  • corrects support for module suffix for styling
  • corrects the 'merge_vars' errors
  • clears fields after submit