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MailChimp Module2 PRO

Freddie Light Background-200We discovered the insanely great e-mail subscription service, MailChimp. Located in Atlanta, they seem light-years ahead of the other e-mail marketing programs we've used. The only problem we noticed was that it is necessary to use MailChimp's "insert your HTML here" to allow sign-up from a Joomla site. To simplify the administrative process for adding a sign up form for your eBlasts, we created the MailChimp2 Module. This module allows you to display the sign-up form you create in your MailChimp.com account natively on your Joomla site. 

-- Easy configuration
-- Choose MailChimp list
-- Collect email, first name and last name
-- Show Extra Fields
-- Show Interest Groups
-- Ajax form submission - no page refresh
-- NEW Easy language overrides for subscription success and failure messages
-- NEW Add rich content above and below the signup form
-- community translations available in eight languages

 joomla 3.0 icon
-- GPL v2
-- Install on unlimited domains
-- Continue using module after subscription expires
-- Free updates during your subscription period
-- Free MailChimp Module2 support for UNLIMITED DOMAINS during your subscription period

For more information about the module, read through our knowledge base or log a support ticket if you are a current subscriber.

MailChimp Module2
USD 25.00
Subscription Duration