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Top of Mind from 3by400

Our blog posts are the result of issues and opportunities we see in our daily work. They are designed to increase understanding and provide a source of vision for your web presence.

Redesigns with Results


One of our favorite things about redesigning a site is not only what happens on the outside, but on the inside as well. Refacing or restyling a site so that it appears different to the viewer can spike enthusiasm and renew site interest. Adding new tools for customers or that allow you to make your internal processes more efficient can spike your profit!  These facts are what make us continue to promote ourselves as middle of the road. Think that's not very complimentary? In our experience, there are two basic types of web design teams found in smaller firms--those focused on...

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IE9 Coming When You Least Expect It

One of the things we test extensively on our sites is cross-browser compatibility. We try to make sure that your site looks the same (or as close as we can come) on all major browsers. One would think that all browsers are standards-compliant and would render web pages the same. Not so, especially with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It's getting better with each release. Speaking of new IE releases, this story says that Microsoft will be rolling out IE9 automatic upgrades to all XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. Hopefully this will mean that the percentage of users who are on IE7...

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Finding Page-Specific Statistics in Google Analytics

In order to determine how individual pages are faring in terms of visitors and other handy Analytics information from Google: Log into your Google Analytics account (www.google.com/analytics).Select "View Report" for the web site you wish to review.From the main Analytics report for your account, go to: Content (left menu), then In-Page Analytics (left sub-menu) This gives you a representation of your site with click info for each link. Just drill down to your desired page from your standard web site navigation. When your page displays, you can see the Content Detail on the left, showing pageviews, uniqueviews, bounce rate, etc. Note that...

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Plan Well...Changing Business Contact Name in PayPal is Not Simple

As a first step in setting up a new PayPal account, you have to list the business name contact under which the account will be known to PayPal (and posted on a lot ofyour client-facing PayPal correspondence). Before you fill out this field, think carefully...think strategically...because once done, it is a colossal pain to change. Want to guess how we know this? You got it...recently had to review for one of our clients.We would recommend that you make this your business name, since you never know if you will retire to the tropics, lose your CPA, etc. Just so you're informed,...

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Efficient Social Media Management

The next time you're watching your favorite show on DVR or Tivo, instead of fast-forwarding through the commercials, keep tabs on the number of those advertisements displaying either the Facebook badge (that's the blue block with the "f" on it for non-facebookers) or have "or find us on Facebook" as the voice over trails off? As much as you might try to avoid it, everyone except you and your dog have a Facebook account...and the dog is considering it now that security has been tightened on friends of friends.

So is Facebook just another mindless tool for college kids or can it really be a viable business tool?

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