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At 3by400, our mission is to help companies effectively maximize their business using Internet-based tools. Those tools can be for use by the public viewer, segmented user groups, or internally. We also focus on helping organizations get the word out about their company by using current, practical methodologies in web implementation and using a consistent brand.


Our skilled consultants can help you create a new site or redesign an existing site. We help you determine the optimum look, navigation, and organization of site content and images so the viewer can easily find what's important about you. We also believe that the most important aspect of web design is unique, solid content and can help you develop that as well. During our design service offerings, you will be able to see progress on a private development site to make sure our visions are in sync.

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Implement CMS

In tandem with our web site design services, we typically recommend that your new site be based upon a widely implemented Content Management System (CMS). We recommend CMS because it is easier for you to update your site, it provides a template-driven system with a standard look, and provides you long-term scalability. We review your requirements and help you select the right CMS for your needs.

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Back Office Automation

When we say "Websites that work", we don't just mean that they are reliable and available--we mean that they can not only act as a 24x7 salesperson for your business, but can also handle many non-public backend operations as well. Our team has become extremely adept at listening to your business needs and customizing or custom developing web-based solutions that can streamline your internal processes and even replace some traditionally expensive, large-scale systems. 

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Custom Integration

At 3by400, we get pretty excited about finding ways your website can decrease the time you spend on repetetive tasks, and there are very few things more wasteful of your time than having to duplicate data entry or spend hours importing and exporting between systems. Our custom integration service focuses on maintaining a single repository for data that can be presented in exactly the way you need to serve your clients...or even updated by your clients directly.

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Database Development

Although we prefer to outfit our clients with standard, off-the-shelf software, some needs reach beyond what is commonly available. Thankfully, we have some of the best LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development staff in the Southeast. Our developers have the amazing ability to simplify and cut to the chase. Our development style is lean and clean...a great value. You can see some of our publicly offered development on our custom extensions page.


It is hard to stand out in a competitive environment, especially online. This is why it’s so important to employ a range of marketing services that help generate traffic, engage potential clients, and build a loyal consumer base. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and having the time to update content on a consistent basis can result in a stale site that is not serving your business.

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Site Maintenance

Once you have a web site in place, it may be difficult to allocate resources to the most critical area for your web site--timely updates. We are able to offer the ability to perform updates to your site on an as-needed basis or routinely, depending upon your requirements. This can include other services, such as adding functionality to your site, training, or the creation of electronic newsletters.

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3by400 performs our own Joomla & WordPress hosting. Why? Because we couldn't find anybody who did it right, in our opinion. We tune our servers for Joomla & WordPress, we know how to do backups (and restores, if you ever need them), and we respond to service requests quickly.

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You were sold on Joomla!TM, but if the person who sold you didn't have Joomla expertise, you probably need help. Our JoomlAid service is simply a quick step to going from a mess to a high-performing site. With experts from the server operating system level to graphics and template issues, we've got you covered.

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One of our most client-empowering services is thorough training. A core 3by400 belief is that a site is only as good as it is fresh...and who can best keep it fresh better than you? By providing easy-to-use content management systems, we can show you how to perform routine site updates. You are limited only by your time and interest.

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