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It is hard to stand out in a competitive environment, especially online. This is why it’s so important to employ a range of marketing services that help generate traffic, engage potential clients, and build a loyal consumer base. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and having the time to update content on a consistent basis can result in a stale site that is not serving your business.

Contact us to determine which of these services are the best fit for your organization and to receive a quote.


Today’s consumer is almost constantly online, and thus, digital marketing has become an imperative aspect of effective business strategies. Digital marketing services help business owners (like you) market and advertise their businesses online. It can be hard to stand out in the online environment, which is why it’s so important to employ a range of digital marketing services that help generate traffic, engage with consumers, and build a loyal consumer base. There are many types of digital marketing services, below are a few to consider for your business:

Content Marketing and Creation

By consulting with you and carefully analyzing what and how internet users are searching for products and services like yours, our team can deliver high-impact and valuable content that helps your website achieve the search results you need by the viewers who can become customers.

Content Marketing

Consumers are tired of being treated like a means to an end. They are constantly bombarded with companies viewing them like a wallet. Consumers in today’s market demand authenticity and sincerity out of the brands that they will ultimately choose to purchase from. It is crucial to build a sense of rapport and trust with your targeted audience.

Having a good website is important, but it is not enough. You need to create content that offers free value to your consumer. Your content needs to answer the questions your consumers have, and show them how your product or service can solve their problems. When you invest time into informing, inspiring, helping, and even entertaining your audience, without a sales feature attached, they will develop a greater sense of trust in your company and will come back to you over other brands when they are ready to buy.

Through our use of audience analysis and social listening tools, SEO keyword research, and by us taking the time to get to know your company’s needs and goals, we are able to craft consistent and targeted content that fosters stronger social media engagement, a higher volume of qualified leads, increased page rankings, better customer retention and more brand mentions. We do this by writing high-quality optimized blogs, developing fun, useful and engaging social media content, creating value-driven newsletters, writing white papers that showcase your industry knowledge, creating captivating video-based content scripts and so much more.


Developing good marketing copy, that effectively reaches your target audience and moves them towards action, is not an easy task. Not only can it be difficult to come up with what to say and how to say it, but it can also be a time consuming process. Our team here at 3by400 works hard to develop copy that helps you meet and exceed your business goals. We take the time to dive deep into your business, brand, competition, target audience and more. We then take that knowledge and use it to write words that win you more business. Investing into professional copywriting services, helps to ensure the success of your marketing strategies.

Our copywriting services can assist you in writing clear and engaging website copy, killer ads, emails that actually get clicks, promotional scripts that draw in your audience, great product descriptions and so much more! We love seeing our clients win, and good copywriting ushers in the wins.

Graphic Design

Not limited to web design, our skilled consultants can develop logos, business cards, banner ads, brochures, and rack cards that extend your brand and message. We also have significant experience in designing advertising campaigns and full publications.


Having an understanding of how your website is performing is just as important as the website itself. Backend data analysis provides insight into your consumer’s experience and allows you to adjust where needed. Our team can provide analysis and reports on the performance of your site, to help you achieve maximum effectiveness.

Social Media Strategy and Development

Today’s consumer landscape requires businesses to have a social media presence. More and more, consumers are flocking to social platforms to search for and learn about new brands, whose products and services fulfill their needs. However, consumers are expecting to find more than just product descriptions, service offerings and upcoming sales on the branded social media accounts they choose to follow. Consumers are seeking connection, communication and community. This requires brands to produce consistent and engaging content that offers free value for their audience. Social Media Strategy and Development services provide businesses with the guidance they need to effectively utilize social media in engaging both current and prospective consumers.

Knowing how to initially attract, and then keep one’s audience effectively engaged on social media is not easy. Social media strategy and development services cover the strategizing, planning, crafting, scheduling and publishing of content on social platforms. Through our services, we can help your company determine which social platforms you should focus your efforts and resources on, and assist you in setting up a new account if needed. We can help you generate topic ideas and schedule out your content using tools such as Loomly and Sprout Social. We can offer consultations to help you determine proper messaging for your target audience and develop social media marketing goals.

Through the use of these services, the overwhelming and sometimes daunting task of thinking of new content ideas on a regular basis, while applying best marketing practices to current social trends, can be alleviated. Our team can step in and help you step up your social media presence and marketing efforts.

Social Campaign Strategy

Coming up with new ways to connect with your audience, and produce content that offers them free value can be a difficult task. Our team is here to help you develop a social media campaign strategy, offering you direction on what type of content to produce, how often to post, and where to post.

Selecting Social Platforms

There are so many different social media platforms available today, it can be difficult to decide which one(s) to put your focus on. Our team is here to help you determine, based on your target demographic and business goals, which social media platform(s) you should be investing your time and energy into.

Setup and Design of Platform Accounts

If setting up and curating your social media platforms intimidates you, allow us to help. We can get you set up on the platform that works best for your business while also connecting your social feed(s) and your website. This will allow your website content to automate deployment to your social account(s), and your social media content to be displayed on your website.

Managing Platform Changes

Social media platforms are always updating, which can require ongoing management of the backend of the account. We are here to make sure your social account(s) are up-to-date and aligned amidst many platform changes.


We don’t just employ social media accounts for the fun of it, we do so for the results! Social media account(s) are an excellent and cost effective way to connect a company with new customers and create positive rapport. It is important though, to understand how your social account(s) are performing so you can understand what connects best with your audience. These insights allow you to fine-tune your overall digital marketing strategies.


Brand Visioning

The marketplace is in a constant state of change. Developing a new brand or adapting your existing brand to properly position your products and services and keep them forefront in the minds of existing and potential customers is crucial to your company’s overall success.

Our professionals offer marketing consulting to reach potential clients through SWOT analysis, and can help you develop an approach for new brands or refresh/revitalize existing brands.

Evaluation and Consulting

In helping to evaluate the state of your brand and how it may be refreshed, our team takes a deep dive into your current brand and compares it with your future business goals. We then help you to best align your brand with your goals.We utilize a SWOT analysis to determine what is working and what can be improved. All of this is then explained, discussed, and strategic plans are collaboratively developed during our consultation meetings.

Mission-Aligned Messaging

What is said internally, within an organization, and externally, to one’s consumer, must align. It is important that the messaging being put forth by a company fully aligns with the company’s mission while also clearly communicating to the target audience. The team here at 3by400 helps our clients to recognize and correct misaligned messaging and improve brand identity and continuity.

Branding Standards & Guidelines

Sometimes internal and external marketing communications can become a bit muddled when there is not a strong presence of branding standards and guidelines. It is important to fully define one’s brand; for example, designating a specific logo that is always used in branded communications and not allowing any other version of the logo to be used. By doing this, it brings clearer continuity to your brand, but it also creates a brand identity for your audience. Our team can help you determine your branding standards and then create a branding guide that can be referenced by all employees to make sure continuity is maintained.

Collateral Design and Production

Along with branding, collateral helps get your marketing message to potential clients in a consistent, efficient way. Not limited to web design, our skilled consultants can develop logos, business cards, banner ads, brochures, conference banners, and rack cards that extend your brand and message. We also have significant experience in designing advertising campaigns and full publications.

Public Relations (PR)

Creating new relationships while also maintaining current relationships with one’s public, is a critical part of business growth and success. However, most businesses have difficulties in gaining traction among new audiences, struggling to expand their reach organically. Public relations services assist a client in developing relationships with media outlets that engage their target audience and can get their business in front of new eyes and ears. The PR services offered here at 3by400 include the opportunity for us to pitch the wonderful narratives that make up your company, to specific media outlets in an effort to gain earned media. We use services such as HARO to connect with journalists, podcast hosts, producers, bloggers and industry specific publications. Earned media, through PR efforts, can increase your company’s reach, help you to acquire new leads, increase your brand authority within your specific market, and offer opportunities for your senior leadership to be showcased.