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Top of Mind from 3by400

Our blog posts are the result of issues and opportunities we see in our daily work. They are designed to increase understanding and provide a source of vision for your web presence.

Choosing an eCommerce Solution

When you start the journey of selecting an eCommerce platform, the options can be daunting (and expensive). In order to choose the right option, it is important to know what features you really require for eCommerce. Here is our starter list of some of the top questions you should be able to answer:

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How do I set up PayPal?


Yes, PayPal has thorough instructions for setting up an account at www.PayPal.com, but it can take some time to get through the process. Since almost any web product that allows you to sell something takes PayPal as a payment gateway, it's a slam dunk for generating revenue dollars. If there is any possibility that you will use PayPal on your site, we recommend that you start the PayPal process as soon as you start your web site implementation. In fact, since it doesn't cost anything until you start processing transactions, why not start today? Here are the steps: 1) The username...

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Get Ready to Do More with Joomla -- and 3by400!

Joomla version 3.3 was released this week and it brings along some amazing new features and server requirements and 3by400's servers are ready to Do More with Joomla! So what is all the fuss about? Read on to learn more ... and Do More! Joomla! 3.3 Performance Boost Joomla 3.3 includes a completely overhauled JRouter.  JRouter is the traffic director for Joomla.  Testing has shown a 10% increase in website speed, and over 2.5 seconds faster page load times. This is a huge performance boost and translates to more conversions and better SEO results for site owners!  Sites Do More with...

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Domains Held Hostage

For some companies, web sites are a nicety—they exist as a brochure but don’t really drive business. Other companies depend upon their web sites for sales and new client generation to such a large degree that their livelihood is dependent upon their web site.

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Got Spam?

I find that spam—not the spiced ham in a can variant, but the deluge of unsolicited commercial e-mail—has become the topic of many of my conversations of late. It’s always evident when a new spamming tool becomes available that has been cleverly developed to foil even the best spam filters on the market. In fact, one of my clients estimates that 90% of the e-mails he receives fall into the category of spam, and I believe him.

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