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Our blog posts are the result of issues and opportunities we see in our daily work. They are designed to increase understanding and provide a source of vision for your web presence.
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Time to drop the 'www'

What's your website's address? Ours is 3by400.com. Note that I don't put a 'www' in front of it. Why? I believe it's now passè. We all know it's the 'World Wide Web'. I suggest dropping the 'www' because: It's just more letters for your users to typeIt takes up more space on your business cards, letterhead, etc.It doesn't help anything on the technical side of things.It doesn't build your brand: people need to focus on your company's name, not have to dig it out between the 'www' and the '.com'. This is my opinion, if you have a different perspective, let...

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More Google Apps coming

We set up all of our clients on Google Apps for email, wikis (google sites), calendar, etc. We use the same applications internally, and quite heavily. Google has just announced that this fall, there will be many more applications available in the Apps Suite, including Picasa, Reader, AdWords, and much more. Please see the official announcement for more details. We've signed up to be beta testers, no word yet on if we'll be in the beta program or not. We'll keep you posted.

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Interesting Password Tip

Here's an interesting password tip from Lifehacker.

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Hosting Issues

We try to host most of our clients' websites. We started doing this because we tried using a service that claimed to offer 'custom Joomla hosting' packages. After two days on that service and horrible website load times, the service called us and asked us to move the site off of their server, because it was getting too many visitors for their server to keep up with. We seem to be talking to more people these days who are using diverse hosting providers. Here's some of the issues we're running into with them: Email bundling problems. Their hosting provider also provides...

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Drop-Dead Simple Blogging

When we work with someone who wants to blog, and they don't want to use Joomla content items (like we're using here), we generally recommend blogger.com. This is a free service from Google. It's a bit limited, but it's drop-dead simple. We can then do an RSS feed from the blog to the main website. There's another blogging service that's about to get my nod. It's called Tumblr. I think it may be even simpler than blogger.

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