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Creating an Image Gallery with Simple Image Gallery (SIG)

1. Open the respective article and click the image manager button.

2. Within the image manager, create a directory. (ex: myphotos)

3. Click on the new directory and upload your images. (For proper viewing, ensure they are no larger than 900px wide or 900px tall before uploading)

4. Once all photos are uploaded, close the image manager.

5. Within the article add for example {gallery}myphotos{/gallery} and press apply.

6. View the article from the front end of the website. All images existing in the directory: "myphotos", will be automatically presented as an image gallery.

 ***Pre-sizing images to one standard size (ex: 700px x 450px) will ensure the end user will have an improved experience.***

Joomla 1.6RC1

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