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Knowledge Base - Google Calendar Stopped Working On My Website

If you have been displaying your Google Calendar events on your website using the Google Calendar API you may have recently discovered that your Google Calendar events have stopped working.

That is because the older Google Calendar APIs, Google Calendar API v1 and Google Calendar API v2, were shutdown on November 17, 2014, subject to Google's Deprecation Policy.

Google Calendar API v3 is the latest and currently supported version.  So what does this mean for you?

If you are a website owner using a 3rd-party extension within your website to display your Google Calendar, contact the 3rd-party developer or visit their website to find the latest version of the extension that supports API v3.

Here are a few that we have come across that offer API v3 support (if you know of others please let us know and we'll add them here):

DPCalendar (formerly GCalendar) for Joomla
Resource Booking Pro for Joomla

If there is no updated version of the extension using the v3 API and you simply need to embed your Google Calendar on a web page you can also use the Google Calendar Embed Helper to configure an iframe code snippet to place in your page.  In Joomla simply copy/paste the iframe code generated by the helper within an Article to embed the calendar on your Joomla website.

If you are a developer, Google offers several resources for migrating your application to API v3.  As of version 3.0, the Google Calendar API uses JSON data objects instead of the GData format.  Also, several new features have been added including push notifications, custom colors and Google+ events. For more information visit these Google resources:

Google Calendar API Home
What's New In v3
Google Calendar API Version 3.0 Migration Guide

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