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Web Design in North Georgia

The 3by400 web design team was formed in 2006 as a result of three individuals who have been working together on projects in the North Georgia area, but as individual organizations. The main roadway to North Georgia is a state highway locally referred to as "Georgia 400"; ergo, "3 by 400", but what has really brought us together in a big way is Joomla!

Since that time, our team has evolved to the current landscape of co-owners Beth Snider and Bridgette Anderson, who are taking partnering with our clients to a whole new level. We have gathered a team of highly ethical, brilliant minds with unmatched technical and business skills.

There are great new additions to our team on a regular basis, catching on to our work style quickly and working hard. See our entire team!

We are a small company that must carefully select our projects. We are goaled with improving the marketing efforts and functional offerings of organizations in which we can believe. The principles within 3by400 perform all project-related work, with the exception of some content migration, and always take full responsibility for all aspects of our projects From soup to nuts, 3by400 can help a company successfully automate and market their business.