Joomla 3.3: Get ready to do more with Joomla! and 3by400

Bridgette Anderson May 02, 2014

Security. Page speed. Seo Microdata. Do More.

Joomla 3.3: Get ready to do more with Joomla! and 3by400

Joomla version 3.3 was released this week and it brings along some amazing new features and server requirements and 3by400's servers are ready to Do More with Joomla!  So what is all the fuss about?  Read on to learn more ... and Do More!


A Few of Our Favorite Things...Joomla Extensions

Beth Snider December 01, 2013

Part 1 of 2

With Christmas around the corner, we thought was a good time to expose the Joomla! extensions that we keep on our list of "nice"ways to really make your web site sing. These tools rang from just making repetitive tasks simpler to generating revenue. Read on to find our top picks. more


Safe Credit Card Handling

Beth Snider April 30, 2013

and other things we wish we didn't have to talk about

3by400, Inc. | PCI Compliance - Accepting Credit Cards OnlineIf you haven't been a victim of credit-card fraud yet, just wait. You probably will be at some point in your life. About 9 million Americans are victims of identity theft each year. To help protect consumers, the credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover) have joined to form the Payment Card Industry (PCI)...more 


The Looming Accessibility Fight

3by400 Admin April 25, 2013

Is your site accessible? Is this blackmail?

For a while now, any website that receives funding from the federal government has had to conform to guidelines that make the website accessibile to the disabled. The buzzword here is Section 508, after its location in the US legal code. There's a small but lucrative sub-practice of web design that helps site owners pass muster in this area. But the net may be widening. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, activists are pushing for


JoomlaDay North Carolina

Beth Snider February 24, 2013

Not Just a Geek Meet

3by400 Road Trip - Bridgette and Beth on the way to JoomlaDay NCOn February 22, a few members of the 3by400 team took a road trip to Duke University in Durham, NC, for the first JoomlaDay event in the southeastern U.S. JoomlaDays are grass roots events that help old timers and newcomers embrace all that is Joomla, as well as providing a forum to get acquainted with those in the Joomla community.


Do the Facts Really Matter?

Beth Snider December 21, 2012

How do you determine what is "fair"?

I grew up in a time when only the winners got a trophy, grades were not assigned on a sliding scale, and no one bailed out businesses who couldn't figure out how to stay in business. That makes me sound really old, but I'm under 50. Two pieces of fresh news today lead me to believe that facts are becoming less and less important...


How NOT To Do A Mobile Site

3by400 Admin December 03, 2012

and how to do it right

There are waves of charlatians that we see in the web industry: a couple of years ago there were SEO consultants, then there were Social Media consultants. I'm starting to see...


Refer your friends and associates

3by400 Admin November 19, 2012

Help them, us and yourself

Now that we're starting to get caught up on Joomla 2.5 conversions, we'll be having some spare capacity over the next few months. If you have friends, colleagues, suppliers or clients you work with who could use a freshened web presence, please let us know. Fill out this brief referral form to let us know about them. If we do business with them, we'll gladly give you a referral bonus. Yes, in real cash. Thanks!


Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Beth Snider November 15, 2012

Moving from idea to implementation


In a month, 3by400 receives at least three of four calls from people who have the "best idea for a new web site". About 1% of them really do have a great idea for a site. The rest, unfortunately, failed to Google their thought before running headlong to web site design. That 1% is worth the how do you decide if your concept is truly a great new entrepreneurial idea?

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