As a first step in setting up a new PayPal account, you have to list the business name contact under which the account will be known to PayPal (and posted on a lot ofyour client-facing PayPal correspondence). Before you fill out this field, think carefully...think strategically...because once done, it is a colossal pain to change. Want to guess how we know this? You got it...recently had to review for one of our clients.

We would recommend that you make this your business name, since you never know if you will retire to the tropics, lose your CPA, etc.

Just so you're informed, here is the process:

Changing Your Business Contact Name in PayPal

To process your name change request, you need to fax in additional information. Please provide a current photo identification and one of the other following documents:

Please include a letter on company stationery indicating the primary email address, current name, address, and telephone number on the PayPal account, the reason for the name change, and the new business contact name.

To process your request efficiently, please ensure that your documents are valid and legible.

As always, any personally identifying information that you submit to PayPal remains secure and is never transmitted to any third party. If you are not able to upload or fax your documentation, you can mail the documents to their pubished address.