In tandem with our web site design services, we typically recommend that your new site be based upon a widely implemented Content Management System (CMS). We recommend CMS because it is easier for you to update your site, it provides a template-driven system with a standard look, and provides you long-term scalability. Our CMS of choice is Joomla! because it fits the criteria of being easy to update, template-based, scalable, nicely constructed, and widely supported.


Joomla allows you to manage the site yourself (if that is your preference), new tools are easily available (over 2,500 available plug-ins), and there are many companies able to offer long-term support. The last item is important because we have performed numerous "web rescues", where an over-burdened or less-than-ethical web designer no longer cares for your needs, leaving you unable to make changes to your site.


Best of all, Joomla! is free, as are most of the plug-ins. We are able to help you implement and configure tools that significantly broaden the functionality of your site with applications like personalization, forums, and shopping carts, with minimal product costs and little to no site modification. This factor tremendously increases the return on investment you receive from your web site.

iStockPhoto - Our Favorite Stock Photo Source

Whether you are putting together the perfect site, brochure, banner...well...anything, using professional photography separates you from the amateurs. Our primary source for photographs when custom work is not in the budget is iStockphoto. We highly recommend them for your future artistic needs. Click below to check out what they have to offer!

Big Commerce - Our Favorite Non-Joomla Cart

For most of our sites, we use Joomla! as you know. Occasionally we have a need for a site that's just a shopping cart. We review a client's needs and try to determine which is the most cost-effective and functional for them. One recent project led us to an ecommerce platform called BigCommerce. We were very impressed with the system and decided to become a reseller. If you know of anyone who needs just a shopping cart, let us know. This may be a good option for them.


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