• Solutions That Open Doors The 3by400 team is skilled and experienced in the development of web sites and web-based tools that work for your organization to generate new revenue streams or reduce costs.
  • Joomla and MailChimp Our MailChimp Module2 allows you to populate your MailChimp lists from your web site. Managing your email marketing doesn't have to drive you bananas!
  • Joomla Upgrades Keeping your Joomla site secure and highly functioning requires maintenance and upgrade. We can help get you current and keep you at the latest version.
  • Our Latest Transformation Now the 3rd generation site we have worked with the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Chamber, this one offers beauty, massive content, and a sweet integration with ChamberMaster.


The company principals have over four decades of business process and technology management and design experience. We're not just a couple of recent college grads with no grounding in the real world.

Team Depth

Our team members have strengths in System Administration, Custom Programming, Graphic Design, Solution and Business Process Engineering. We let each play to their strength. This sets us apart from the one-person web design shops, or your friend who does web design on the side. We're probably the largest Joomla! web design team in Georgia.

Low Overhead

We're a virtual company working from the north Georgia mountains. We also specialize in using open-source tools to solve your business issues. This means you don't have to pay for our office space, gas, logo-emblazoned t-shirts or software. We sell just one thing: our time. This makes us different from the traditional storefront design house.


Our core values are something we take seriously. They're not just words on a dusty sheet of paper on the shelf. This makes us different from people who have no moral compass.


We work best where we're our clients partner in making web technology decisions. We don't have all the answers, but working together we can find ways to make your business more prosperous. This makes us different from people who just want to do web-design piecework for you, such as most off-shore outfits.


We're results-oriented. We know your website is here to help your business make money, to help your organization thrive. We're not about web solutions that just look shiny. We're very focused on helping you succeed.

So look around. See our portfolio, our team, and evaluate our work...then talk to us about improving your web presence.

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Can't find lists: Invalid Mailchimp API Key in mod_mailchimp2

Just a quick FAQ for those that get the following error message while using the MailChimp Module. Can't find lists: Invalid Mailchimp API Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxx . You are accessing the wrong datacenter - your client library may not properly support our datacenter mapping scheme.
Error code: 104   Please...

The Easy Way to Send Email Campaigns

Keeping in touch with our email list subscribers is critical, but we don't often have time to construct a new campaign and send it. MailChimp's RSS-to-Email campaigns allow you to make updates in one place--your web site--and automatically notify members of your participating list of the updates. It...

Does MailChimp Module2 work with Joomla 2.5?

Yes, the latest version of 3by400's MailChimp Module2 does work with Joomla 1.5 and 2.5. The module is free, but registration for our mailing list is required to download the module. Once you complete the mailing list registration, you will be re-directed to the download page.

Received e-mail: "Your MailChimp account is using the login() API method which will be disabled in the near future."

The original version of the 3by400 MailChimp Module2 used MailChimp's previous API. The latest version of our MailChimp module uses the current version of the MailChimp API. Please register for the updates mailing list.  You will then be able to download and install the newest version.

Where do I find the API key and list ID?

When configuring your MailChimp module, you will be asked for a MailChimp API key and list ID. Both of these are located in your MailChimp account, and are accessible after logging in at www.MailChimp.com. Here's how you find them... API Key:
From the top,...

How do I get started with MailChimp?

First, go to www.MailChimp.com and sign up for an account. If your list is small, their accounts are free! After you have created your account, create at least one list and make sure you retrieve the list ID and your API key, as these will be required...

How do I change the MailChimp Module2 labels?

If you want to edit the MailChimp Module's labels, or change them to your language, we've made it easier. (Full Article) You can change the...

How do I resolve the AJAX error "Error Communicating with the Server"

Sounds like the mailchimp module cannot make a network connection to the server at MailChimp.com. Please check your firewall setting to make sure your server is allowed to make outbound connections.
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